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Francesco Roggero



Piazza Gae Aulenti
Aspects of this artwork
Because of the use of modern and colorful materials in Wonderline by Francesco Roggero the artwork relates to an enjoyable recent event. Because of choice of the bright colors, the limited durability of the material, the reference to practical items like a sail, this artwork refers rather to mundane than to essential topics.

The artwork Amsterdam Thanks Their Canadians by Jan de Baat (Amsterdam, picture 1, more information) refers to the liberation and the first moment of happiness. If it had also been the intention to commemorate the impact of liberation, there would have been made a more monumental artwork.

One of the most classic works in honor of the conqueror is a monument like Porta Sempione by Luigi Cagnola (Milan, picture 2, more information). The monumentality is enforced by the size, the experience of being tiny when moving underneath the monument, the use of sustainable materials, the ascending lines that end up onto classic images of warriors of the highest rank that move themselves with horses.

Forming together a column by perfect circles laying portrait and landscape and perfect spherical elements in between: Fontana Camerlata by Mario Cesare Cattaneo (Milan, picture 3, more information). Together with additional elements, the may have meanings like remembrance, positivity, strength, pride. The meanings are so general that it can be interpreted and made concrete in many ways.

My impression is that a work like Monumento Resistenza by Anna Praxmayer (Milan, picture 3, more information) with a person and birds, has impact on people who are less familiar with art. This is because the work has some recognizable elements which meanings to be assigned like: running, raised hands, looking up, long hair, birds flying to all directions. This artwork rather expresses a personal or a national victory.
By Theo,
Lo scorso luglio venne presentata la scultura Wonderline, progettata da Francesco Roggero, con l'intento di farla diventare uno dei simboli di Milano. Finora non si è saputo più nulla a suo proposito. Si tratta di un totem sinuoso, matericamente denso e dai tratteggi cromatici leggeri che si libra nell'aria per una altezza di 16 metri. Nella doppia curva dell'opera il richiamo al dinamismo meneghino, nell'uso dei colori l'inevitabile riferimento alla creatività del mondo della moda, mentre la forma a foglia fa da eco al tema dell'Expo.

Last July he was presented the sculpture, designed by Francesco Wonderline Roggero, aiming to become one of the symbols of Milan. So far you haven't learned more anything to her about it. It is a sinuous, thick matericamente totem and chromatic light that hatches hovers in the air to a height of 16 metres. In the double curve of the dynamism meneghino, in use of colors the inevitable reference to the creativity of the fashion world, while the leaf shape is echoed in the theme of the Expo.