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Nikolay Vasil'yevich Gogol'

Nikitskiy bul'var
Bronze statue of Gogol' sitting on a granite chair. He is depicted in the last years of his life: patient, frustrated, lonely.
On four sides of the pedestal are bronze friezes of Gogol's greatest characters.
Front: scene from The Government Inspector - Ревизор; a small, puny Khlestakov - Хлестаков, almost standing on tiptoe, and the officials Bobchinsky - Бобчинский and Dobchinsky – Добчинский.
Back: the characters from Petersburg stories, standing in a theatrical pose Poprishchin from Diary of a Madman, and wrapped in his cloak, Akaky. Next to the cold, impassive fashionable ladies and dignitaries from the Nevsky Prospect is fast walking the young artist Charco, bearing a huge portrait under his arm.