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Lev Kerbel, Vasiliy Fëdorov


Vladimir Il'ich Lenin

Kaluzhskaya ploshchad'
Bronze statue of Lenin on a 8 m hight granite pilar, with at the foot a sculpture group on the revolutionary theme. The figures are arranged tightly adjacent to each other, to symbolize the unity of the revolution under the banner of Lenin. The figures respresent various strata of society, generations and nations.
At the front, a soldier and a sailor (photo 3), a worker and a scholar (photo 3 and 4), a revolutionary and a woman commissioner (photo 2), personifying the revolutionary forces. Behind them, on the sides of the pedestal are representatives of the backward nations in the past, for which the revolution opened new paths of development: Ukrainian, Caucasian, Kirghiz and the Kalmyk in national costumes (photo 4 and 6). Finally, the back side (photo 5) - the most emotionally expressive and plastic saturated images, a woman with a child and a newsboy with a big bag and a bunch of papers in their hands.
It was erected on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the socialist revolution in October Square (now Kaluga square). The monument is interesting because it provides insight into the stereotypical image of a monumental sculpture of a leader in late socialist realism -"The people and the party - one." It is the tallest monument to Lenin in Moscow.