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James Joyce Monument

Rudomino, State Library Foreign Literature
Mikhail Yakovlev’s sculpture of James Joyce in the yard of the State Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow.
Monument to the Irish writer and poet James Joyce installed in the courtyard Library of Foreign Literature named after MI Rudomino.
In 1999, Joyce was included in the list of"100 heroes and idols of the XX century" according to the Time magazine. A year earlier, three largest books of Joyce were included in the list of"100 best novels of the modern library", according to the American publisher 'Modern Library'. June 16 - Joyce’s admirers as a Blums celebrate the day when the action of the book «Ulysses» unfolds day holiday (named after the main character Leopold Bloom).
Public reading of the novel take place around the world and fans go down routes of protagonists in Dublin on this day.