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Tree of Life

Bagration Commercial
The Tree of Life by renowned sculptor Ernst Neizvestny in the vestibule of the Bagration commercial pedestrian bridge across the Moskva River in the center of Moscow.
In 1956, Neizvestny began work on a key project - a giant sculpture The Tree of Life", a kind of" hymn to humanity", which finds expression" dualistic [e] contro [e] of man and nature, man and the second nature of man himself" .
Crohn's fantastic tree, seized seven Möbius strip, like the human heart. The artist conceived to build a huge structure, in which you can enter, this maze, but so far all the options sculpture, saw the light, not even close to this scale were selected.
This, of course, does not rob them impressively: the height of Moscow's"Tree", has taken root in 2004 in the business center"Moscow City", is 7 meters.