New York Art@Site Robert Adzema Sundial

Robert Adzema



Port Richmond High School
Robert Adzema constructed this large, free-standing sundial sculpture from steel and painted it a brilliant yellow hue so that shadows would be made visible. Located on the grounds in front of the school, Sundial emphasizes the north-south axis of the site. An aperture near the top of the sundial casts a beam of light on the ground that crosses the north-south line, marking high noon in solar time.
Robert Adzema is a sculptor who is best known for his sundial sculptures for private as well as public spaces. He has an intense love of architecture and is interested in the integration of sculpture, sculptural decoration, and the development of sculptural programs for buildings and landscape situations. He is co-author of The Great Sundial Cutout Book and has executed numerous public and private commissions both here and in Europe. Adzema's artistic background is as a figurative sculptor and industrial designer. He received his Bachelor of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and his M.F.A. from Indiana University.
Artist Quote...'If I have succeeded as an artist with this project, it will affect the lives of those people who pass it daily, offering inspiration, inviting someone to pause in their day, consider their place in relation to the world at large, to notice sunlight and shadow, to try and understand it's geometry, and maybe even suggesting a direction, an idea to steer by.'