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Siah Armajani


Lighthouse and Bridge

St. Georges Ferry Terminal
Donna Walcavage, the landscape artist, has designed a public plaza on the shore of the Hudson River close to the Ferry Landing on Staten Island.
Within the Plaza the lighthouse and bridge is located. The lighthouse and bridge is not about itself; it is there to mediate. Mediation is to make a neighborly space by sharing it and then leaving it alone namely to draw the viewer's attention.
The lighthouse and bridge redirects the viewer's attention to the larger context of the neighborhood. The lighthouse and bridge embraces all other forms and functions as well as the river and the plaza and the neighborhood. The lighthouse and bridge fits into a way of life and is not an end in itself. It tries to fit into this way of life by providing ornament and a background mood. It embraces all other forms of representation'
Artist Quote... 'All buildings and all streets are ornaments. Moreover, the lighthouse and bridge gives a place to the representational arts of poetry, music, and performing. By embracing all of the arts, the lighthouse and bridge asserts its own perspective everywhere.'