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Giulio Candussio


Saetta Iridescente

World Trade Center Path Train Station
According to the signage—but not visible when I was on the platform—there’s a mosaic called “Saetta Iridescente” (“Iridescent Thunderbolt”) by Giulio Candussio: “A positive energy is unleashed and bonds two people in a shared desire to overcome moments of horror, to move forward and build a peaceful future. A gift from the Autonomous Region of Fruili Venzia Giulia (Italy) to the City of New York as a mark of gratitude and solidarity.” Actually, it was installed back in 2004…. Shows how much I know about the PATH system. Also of note, according to the New York Post: “The [World Trade Center’s] original slurry wall continues to be used to keep water out of the tunnel and station.” It was behind the train when I dropped by, but you can see it in the last image, a photo of the flyer.