New York Art@Site Frank Stella Damascus Gate II (Basra Gate II, Sinjerli I)

Frank Stella


Damascus Gate II (Basra Gate II, Sinjerli I)

Leed Certified Building
New Yorker Frank Stella became famous for making paintings of paintings. His minimalist and abstract works are largely simply color and shape- resulting with “painting” being the subject of…the paintings. Cutting canvases into varying shapes only emphasized this, which was common of his work in the 60s and 70s.
Three of these late 60s-early 70s piece are in the lobby of LEED certified building, 199 Water Street. The paintings Sinjerli I, Basra Gate II and Damascus Gate II hang high in the lobby owned by Jack Resnick & Sons- who have famous art works in lobbies many of their properties, also viewable to the public.