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Art Omi
follow about
do you want to lie down
against the other
conform with the shape of the other
feel how flexible you are
move also on the other spot
forget how ridiculous you look
your once so perfect round shape
is now just as funny as the forms of the other
and in shape with the others
please have a look
it shows that each have followed each other
By Theo,

beweeg mee
wil je op de grond liggen
tegen de ander
beweeg mee met de vorm van de ander
voel hoe buigzaam je bent
beweeg ook op een andere plek
vergeet hoe gek je er nu uitziet
jouw eens zo perfecte ronde vorm
is nu nét zo grappig als de vormen van de ander
en het geheel dat je vormt
kijk nog eens
alles blijkt met elkaar mee te bewegen
Door Theo,
Building on the responsive structures of his first installation, but introducing a vertical scale that was new for the artist, the interior component of Picker Sculpture consisted of a series of variably sized cylinders made from thin strips of pliable cor- ten steel.
Stacked on top of one another and compressed into the space between the gallery walls, they bisected the space with a wall of oval-shaped cells. Climbing through the structure, the viewer emerged in the outdoor space, where an even larger version of the construction was squeezed in between the walls of the courtyard.
"I wanted to break up the space even more with the second installation and create a series of both physical and visual experiences," said Godfrey. Standing at the entrance to the gallery, the indoor component framed and was echoed by its larger outdoor counterpart, both of which resembled biological structures, but the scale of the outdoor piece only became apparent when the viewer physically passed through the first sculpture.
"The cylinders are like a crude form of life that doesn't have a structure until it's in a relationship with something else," said Godfrey. "I wanted to draw attention to their dependence on engaging with a physical space— any physical space—with the two different scales."
The work is now permanently installed at The Fields Sculpture Park in Ghent, New York. Bounded by trees, rather than gallery walls, it has a radically different form.
DeWitt Godfrey is an American artist who is most known for his large abstract public sculptures of banded steel. The sizes of his steel sculptures range, but the formal qualities are usually fairly similar to one another- large, wide, circular tubes of bent steel, bolts and ridges visible to the viewer. The shape of his structures always seem to carry a feature of weight, which speaks back to the heavy material that was used.
Godfrey has exhibited his sculptures publicly in galleries throughout the world, including Ciudad Empresial in Santiago, Chile, Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, New York, Europos Parkas in Vilnius, Lithuania, and many more. Godfrey earned his BA in Art from Yale in 1982, and his MFA in Sculpture from the Edinburgh College of Art as a Fulbright Scholar in 1996. Godfrey is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships internationally, including the Henry Luce Foundation, the National Endownment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and the Japan Foundation among others. He is currently a board member of the College Art Association and formerly the director of the Institute for Creative and Performing Arts at Colgate University, and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art History.
DeWitt Godfrey is a Professor, in the department of Art and Art History at Colgate. Prof. Godfrey did his undergraduate work at Yale University, was a member of the inaugural group of Core Fellows at the MFA Houston and received his MFA from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland.
He is the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships, including a National Endowment for the Arts Artist’s Fellowship, a New York Foundation for the Arts Artists Fellowship, a Japan Foundation Artist’s Fellowship, and a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Artist Fellowship.
His work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas and the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York. His commissioned work includes “Capital” in Seattle, WA; “Concordia” for Lexarts, Lexington, KY; “Quake” Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge, MA; “Enspire” Traverse City, MI and installations at Frederik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, MI; The DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA; and the Kennedy Art Museum, Ohio University, Athens, OH. “Odin” completed in 2014, in collaboration with architect and engineer Daniel Bosia and mathematicians Tomaz Pisanski and Thomas Tucker supported by the Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute at Colgate University, marked an important turning point in his work.
He continues to develop and refine these explorations in digital design and fabrication for municipal, institutional and private clients across the country. Godfrey is currently working on public projects in Denver, CO, Alameda, CA, and Venice, Italy.