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Francois Jean Bralle



Fontaine du Palmier, du Châtelet
This statue crows the Fontaine du Palmier, which was designed by Francois Jean Bralle as a fountain to produce fresh drinking water to the area it is situated in during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte I, and the statue is made of gilded bronze and is of Victory carrying laurels, which was sculpted by Louis Simon Boizot, however what you can see in this image is actually a copy of the original statue.
François-Jean Bralle (1750–1832) was a French architect and engineer, best known as for the construction of fountains in Paris during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Bralle was commissioned to build fifteen new fountains in Paris, including the fontaine de Mars, the fontaine du Fellah, and the Fontaine du Palmier in the Place du Châtelet, which are still functioning today
Bralle was a specialist in hydraulic engineering. During the French Revolution and under the French Consulate of Napoleon, he was named director of the machine de Marly, which pumped water from Seine to feed to fountains of the Gardens of Versailles. He was also in charge of the pumps of Chaillot, of Gros-Caillou, and La Samaritaine, which pumped water from the Seine to provide drinking water to the people of Paris.