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attractive cute cat

Paris-based Colombian artist Alberto Vejarano aka Chanoir returned to working in the streets two years ago, aiming to enlarge the ‘expressive resources of his distinctive cats. A former student of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Saint-Germain-des-Pres, he is aware that street art has a different logic to that of working in his atelier.
When you create, you choose one of these finds. When you work in your studio, you have time to think 15 times about gradation, lines, contrast, balance. A lot of questions. But graffiti is about instinct, you do it, and then it is good or not, you can’t correct it. You can have finds at the studio, but also in the street, every time you create, every time you try to move forward, and both painting and graffiti are influenced by trends.
For example, gradation, this is incredible. You see it everywhere, it will last for years, everybody will do gradation, I will do gradation, because people like it for now. A year ago, it was not famous, and now, you have gradation on the cover of the lastest album of U2. This is a new trend. But this is not really creation. Recently, I went to see the exhibition of Keith Haring, who had had the most influence on my work, and then, boom, I started to draw lines again. It’s always been my main strength. You can’t find it in a studio, you have to see an exhibition.