Art@Site Laurent-Honore Marqueste Monument to Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau

Laurent-Honore Marqueste


Monument to Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau

Jardin des Tuileries
This monument honors a key French statesman who played a significant role in the French Republican party and served in a number of capacities for the French government, eventually as Prime Minister from 1899-1902.
The sculpture has a central bust of Waldeck-Rousseau framed by a two classical columns and an arch. On the right side of the bust are three figures, two men and one woman. All three figures gaze upwards to the bust, representing the admiration of the French people.
Laurent-Honore Marqueste was a french sculptor who practiced primarily in the Beaux-Arts tradition. He has a number of other sculptures within the Tuileries Garden as well as throughout Paris.
The sculpture is located on the north side of the garden adjacent to a stairway and just around the corner from ‘La Foule’ by Raymond Mason.