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Victims of Terrorism

Les Invalids
Behind the Jardin l'Intendant you will find this fountain dedicated to victims of terrorism. Here, in the middle of this square formed by trees is found, standing alone, a somewhat disturbing statue, as well it was intended to be. In its simplicity it makes a powerful impression.
It is a bronze statue and fountain of a headless woman who is holding her decapitated head in her own hands. Water issues from her severed neck and flows down her body.
It is the creation of the Belgian sculpture Nicolas Alquin. It was placed here on December 3, 1998, and is dedicated to the memory of the victims of terrorism. It was sponsored by SOS Attentats (attentats means terrorist attack in French) but according to the website the group was dissolved in 2008.
This 1998 monument depicts a headless woman standing and holding her head over her left arm and secured by her right hand. The bronze piece is by Belgian artist Nicolas Alquin and is dedicated in memory of the victims of terrorism. It was commissioned by the group S.O.S. Attentats which studies the sociological effects of terrorism.