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Holger Wederkinch


La France Renaissante

Pont de Bir-Hakeim, Île aux Cygnes
'It was made in 1930 by the Danish sculptor, Holger Wederkinch, and given as a gift to Paris by the Danish community. Originally, the rider on the horse was supposed to represent Joan of Arc. But the character of the figure was judged to be too emphatic and war-like, contrary to the iconography at that time of this heroine. It was not appreciated by the Paris city council, who issued an unfavorable opinion about it in 1956. To avoid a diplomatic incident, Denmark’s embassy decided to rename the statue ‘La France Renaissante,’ making it simply a decorative statue. The erection of the statue in the Place was authorized later in 1956, and it was inaugurated on that spot in 1958, in the presence of the Danish ambassador.'
Saturday, July 30, 2011, Barbara Cooley's Paris Journal)