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John Atkin


Hard Bop

The Fillmore Center
This commission has enabled me to research the historical prerequisites of the site in San Francisco, allowing me to discreetly infuse work with ideas resonant of the identity of the site and particularly West Coast Jazz.
The regeneration of Fillmore Plaza will become increasingly popular with the existing community and it is important that this new artwork analogues with sight lines and existing structures, which amplify the positive aspects of the site as a whole, integrating a space into a place where friends and the community can meet and socialise.
The aim is to create a strong thematically linked space, in terms of design and public art that becomes a sustainable focal point for the community and a landmark for visitors, reinforcing the notion of Fillmore Plaza as a landmark site, celebrating its unique identity relating to Jazz music. The surrounding architecture is significant in terms of its form, reflective qualities and materials, which in turn have influenced the concepts for the sculpture.