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Resolve Conflict With Song

Presidio Habitat - American Robin
Winged Wisdom by Philippe Becker Designis less of an explicit habitat and more of a message to humans that serves the dual purpose of aiding the nesting efforts of birds, the whimsical work consists of three super-sized aphorisms nestled within a dramatic tree grove. Each letter is framed with a metal armature containing straw—a gift of nesting materials from artist to the American Robin.
There are three signs creating this habitat. 'Adapt to Change' 'Resolve Conflict With Song' and the one way in the back that is hard to read says 'Nest From the Inside Out'.
This habitat was built for the American Robin, by Philippe Becker Design. Each letter is framed with a steel armature and mesh netting that is filled with sterile straw. This particular habitat while providing ideal nesting material for the robin gives us humans a missive to ponder.
According to the Presidio Trust 'The American Robin is the largest, most abundant, and most wide- spread North American thrush. The robin thrives in both natural and suburban habitats. In the latter, its loud, musical voice and backyard presence render it instantly recognizable. The robin forages in moist grass and nests in shade trees. Its diet is quite variable, consisting predominantly of soft invertebrates, especially earthworms, in spring and summer, and fruit in autumn and winter. Thriving in suburban parks and gardens, the robin often benefits from urbanization and agricultural development. American Robins are consistently among the most commonly sighted birds in the Presidio during the annual Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.'
I shot these on a very, very sunny day in San Francisco, around 3:00 in the afternoon. I don’t think that you could catch better light, and yet they are still hard to read through the photographic eye. They are impossible to catch due to the density of the trees. This makes this habitat so absolutely delightful to be a part of and yet very difficult to photograph.