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Michael Christian



Civic Center Plaza (temporary)
Michael Christian's Flock is a 42-foot sculpture made of welded steel. First seen at Burning Man in 2001, it was donated in November 2005 to the city ofSan Francisco by the Black Rock Arts Foundation as a temporary installation displayed until mid-February 2006.
Flock was a phantasmagorical steel sculpture created for Burning Man 2001 at the Black Rock desert. It took the shape of a headless horse-like creature suspended on 35-ft legs and gave the appearance of a magical creature striding across the desert. People who saw the sculpture at Black Rock say the creature reminded them of similar animals in Salvador Dali'sThe Temptation of Saint Anthony. Others have remarked that it reminded them of a tall, walking creature from Princess Mononoke, a recently released Japanese anime animation.
Flock is, despite its name, a sculpture of a single creature, who appears to wander about as if separated from a herd of similar creatures and seeks a return to its"flock." As people come to check it out, they tend to"flock" around the sculpture as they view it from various angles and distances.
I have created artworks for Burning Man since 1997. Other pieces includeThe Bone Arch (1997), a large 30-ft archway made of cattle bones; theNebulous Entity (1998), a 33 x 30 x 30-ft mobile sculpture that rolled about on five tentacled arms, complete with interactive systems of sound, light and motion; Orbit (1999), a 14 x 14-ft cluster of concentric spheres that spun independently within each other at various speeds and directions depending on the mood of those interacting with it; and, in 2000, The Pipe Organ, a 16 x 20 x 20-ft rotating steel pipe organ tree spun and played by participants.