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Century Boulevard, Central Plaza
Arte Charpentier Architects, France, with lanscape designer TUP, Century Boulevard, Central Plaza and Century Promenade, Shanghai, China."Time of Day" sculpture along main pedestrian walkway with kite vendors. The design of the boulevard and plaza consists of asymmetric lanes and botanical gardens. Along the Century Avenue, sculptures on the subject of"time" are on display that include a monumental scale artwork entitled"Oriental Light" on a traffic island at the crossing of the Yanggao Rd. and Century Blvd. and the sculptures based upon ancient timing instruments entitled"Time of the Day" and"Wu Xing" that are located nearby. Century Promenade is one of Shanghai's best new public spaces. It is a walkway that connects Century Plaza to Century Park.
The creation of Arte Charpentier Architects was both simple and the fruit of relentless efforts. The son of an architect, Jean-Marie Charpentier graduated in urban planning from the University of Paris, and then architecture from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. In parallel to his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, he developed projects for large industrial societies. He quickly invested himself internationally. Once his education was completed, he opened an office in Paris in 1969… Two years of scientific cooperation in Cambodia and a job as an expert for the United Nations in developing countries gave him the aspiration to apply his French practice internationally. Thus, little-by-little, his independent practice became a society. Today, twenty associates share the responsibility of projects and insure the sustainability of the firm.