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Shanghai Bouquet

Yan'an W., Hongqiao Road
A 20-meter-high sculpture, called"Shanghai Bouquet, " is nearly completed on a piece of greenland near Yan'an Road W. and Hongqiao Road yesterday. Consisting of 108 giant flowers, the sculpture is deemed as a symbol of the colorful life in Shanghai.
The second photo is from Shanghai, and the caption verges on comic understatement: 'A gardener waters plants near a giant flower-shaped sculpture.' I imagine adding, 'a giant flower-shaped sculpture that will reproduce across the land and become objects of worship for you pitiful creatures, you humans with your pathetic love of pretty things, your fear of the blank surface and the empty space, your need to be ruled by what delights the eye.' But that would be the modernist talking; ok, a slightly bent modernist, but a modernist. The philosopher Jacques Rancière distinguishes between two senses of the aesthetic: the traditional idea of it as the modality of the sensible which then is contrasted with rationality, and his definition of the aesthetic as a distribution of the sensible: that is, as both a given arrangement of sensation and reason and an additional disturbance of that relationship that neutralizes the hierarchy and so opens one up to alternative arrangements, including those that seem excessive but are still a part of one’s world