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Temps Qui Passe, Time Passing By

108 W Yuyan Rd 40
Le 'Temps qui passe', 7.50 meters high, is a commissioned work for the city, located in the neighborhood of Jing’an Temple in Shanghai city.
Directed by the artist on site, in the neighborhood of the temple Jing’an close to the french quarter, Le temps qui passe is a monumental sculpture 7.50 meters high, painted bronze – was inaugurated on October 14, 2014.
Nathalie Decoster took her first steps in the 1980s in the public workshop of the city of Neuilly, the sculpture workshops of the Decorative Arts, the public workshops of the city of Paris equipped with a foundry in 1988 by the workshop of A Spanish classical sculptor who teaches him technique and his recipes of experimentation of materials and chemistry.
The purity of the lines and the simplicity of the materials lead the artist to work especially bronze. Nathalie Decoster also explores other materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, concrete or glass; But also materials of recovery that find in his work a new life (springs of mattresses, iron with concrete, etc.)
Her most famous sculpture is undoubtedly that of this man who walks within a circle. The messenger - his emblematic character - is the human being that we all are. It is always included in a geometric, circle, square, cube, mobile sometimes. It delivers messages about the human condition. It can be suspended by the arms, feet, at the top of a spring, with the vagaries of time and always reminds that everyone has the right to"unhook".
It deals with different themes: the relationship of man to time, the different possible patterns of thought-sharing (Thinking modes / Sharing ideas ), also compares the life of man with that of Nature, or makes us naughty winks on a more intimate life ( hairy hairs ).
Not without humor, it makes us aware of the absurdities of our modern human lives and gives us a code of access to serenity.