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Pascale Girardin


Suspended Craftwork

Four Seasons Hotel
Pascale Girardin’s artworks can be found in hotels, restaurants, and stores across the globe, from Las Vegas to Shanghai, including New York, Paris, and Dubai. Recently, she installed two major sculptures in the main entrance to the Four Seasons private residences in Pudong, China. 'Suspended artwork can occupy an environment without imposing itself on it,' explains the ceramicist. 'Through composition, one can create a sense of lightness and softness, giving the impression that each element is floating in space.' While Girardin takes her clients’ needs into consideration, her approach to projects is intuitive. Commissioned by the Four Seasons Hotel in Pudong (Shanghai’s financial district), China, to create an artwork in the main lobby of the private residences, she found inspiration in Chinese gardens and calligraphy. Likewise, she created a large porcelain chandelier of which each element evokes a part of the tea plant: leaves, flowers, blossoms, and fruits. Invited to make the artwork in China, she and her team travelled to Jingdezhen, the country’s 'Porcelain Capital,' famous for its production of especially fine, white porcelain. In Girardin’s view, the space between the elements of a suspended artwork are as important as the elements themselves, creating virtual pathways that suggest movement rather than shape. Each component is carefully positioned using 3D modeling. 'I spend a lot of time moving the pieces around until I strike a balance between the negative space and the artwork,' she says.