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Monument to the People's Heroes

Bei Su Zhou Lu
Monument to the People's Heroes, Shanghai.
At the northern end of The Bund, along the riverfront, is Huangpu Park, in which is situated the Monument to the People's Heroes - a tall, abstract concrete tower which is a memorial for the those who died during the revolutionary struggle of Shanghai dating back to the Opium Wars.
In Huangpu Park, in the same town Bund of Shanghai can find the Monument to the People's Heroes. A mass of concrete that are 3 towers that seem to come together at the top.
It was built to honor the memory of all the martyrs of the revolution, or the people who have given their lives to helping Shanghai either natural disasters or fighting attempts settlers succumbed to Hong Kong.
Its 24 meters high that can be made from a lot of the Bund and from the new city of Pudong.
A good place to sit and relax watching the Huangpu river, or enjoying the company of young students eager to practice their English with tourists. Early morning is meeting place to practice sports like Taichi and stuff that makes the elderly in China.