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Philippe Hiquily


Girouette Monumentale

Jing’an Sculpture Park
"Girouette Monumentale" by Philippe Hiquily from France incorporates the essence of traditional Chinese paper-cutting techniques. The solid triangle base is rooted in the earth. The wind vane on the top is presented in simple shapes, letting the wind currents - like basic life force or qi - flow around and within the solid and elegant base. The wind-capture structure reaches upward like a ship's sail in the wind. Public art is intended for the public but there's not many public sculptures in Shanghai and few outdoor sculpture exhibitions because of limited space and difficulties of transport and installation. Now the Jing'an International Sculpture Exhibition titled"City Fantasy" lets the public see the art that's intended for them, and it's simple, relaxed and sometimes humorous."Better City, Better Life, " the Expo theme, calls for an urban environment that includes art. The exhibition sponsored by the Jing'an District government is underway through October 31 at the Jing'an Sculpture Park and nine diverse satellite venues - Moller Villa, Jing'an Villa, Eddington House, 800 show, Wheelock Square, Jiuguang Department Store, Park Place, Jing'an Park and Plaza 66. It features 68 sculptures by 31 artists from eight countries. The two curators are Huang Du, an independent domestic curator and art critic, and Menene Gras Balaguer, director for culture and exhibitions of Casa Asia of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Huang says the aim of the exhibition is to analyze and interpret issues of modern public art and aesthetic education, historical memory and daily experience."Unlike urban European culture, Shanghai urban culture has overlapping colonial, revolutionary, and new modern culture, " he says. The theme"City Fantasy" includes"memory,life" and"fantasy."
Most parks are free in Shanghai. They are lovely public area for local people to relax. For tourists, parks can be a good place to see local life of Shanghai. Kids play around with friends while senior people practise Tai chi or other exercises. Sometimes you may run into ballroom dancing in a warm and sunny afternoon. Jing’an Sculpture Park is well designed with various sculptures and statues.