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Charging Bull

Charging Bull has a commissioned Chinese counterpart, also created by Arturo Di Modica, called Bund Bull. The bull is located on the Bund in Shanghai and is an almost complete replica of Charging Bull, retaining the same weight and height, but differing in color and certain physical details. The bull was commissioned by Chinese officials in order to create a symbol that is representative of China's new identity as a global economic power. It's also important to note that the bull is not an exact replica. Shanghai's bull maintains the same weight and height as New York's, but is individualized enough to suggest that their bull is not a tribute, but rather an indirect challenge or Chinese declaration of financial rivalry between the two nations. China's decision to create Bund Bull also validates the global and cultural significance of New York's Charging Bull. By imitating New York, China may have established a global trend of placing a bull in a city's financial district as a type of visual indicator of economic strength and supremacy, almost serving the same function as a trophy or medal given out after an athletic competition. Bund Bull's most notable difference is its red color, representative of China and its communist government. The bull also appears younger and stronger, drawing attention to the perception of youthful strength that China wants to establish and spread about its economy. Bund Bull's tail is also pointing up, reflecting the ongoing growth of China's markets.

The Shanghai Bull, the Bund Financial Bull or the Bund Bull are monikers associated with a derivative of Arturo Di Modica's Charging Bull installed in late April 2010 and unveiled on The Bund in Shanghai on May 15, 2010. The 5,000-pound (2,300 kg) work of art is said to have the same height, length and weight as the New York City Charging Bull. The bull is reddish as a tribute to the country that commissioned the work. It leans to right instead of the left like Charging Bull and has a more menacing tail. The Bull's popularity has been a problem for local authorities.