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Digeo Santurio



Daning Lingshi Park
Sculpture Rise, created by famous Uruguayan contemporary artist Digeo Santurio, was unveiled in Daning Lingshi Park on March 26th,2009. TabaréVázquez, president of Oriental Republic of Uruguay, attended the ceremony and unveiled the sculpture. The sculpture’s settling in Shanghai is the outcome of culture exchanges between Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation(SHCDF) and Consulate General of Oriental Republic of Uruguay in shanghai. As city eyes, urban sculptures reflect the city’s cultural connotation and taste. Sculpture Rise is a comprehension of Shanghai’s spirit of vitality, innovation and harmony . Digeo Santurio, was born in Salto in 1977.As the representative of contemporary Uruguayan youth artists, he started his creation since 17 years old. He is good at dealing with metal materials like iron. Digeo Santurio’s artworks reflect his great efforts and perfect pursuance.'Works express my comprehension to this world, and exploit surpassing time and space, pursuit a mutual existence.' Digeo Santurio’s artworks were exhibited in South American countries many times, such as Uruguay, Argentina and Puerto Rico, which were collected both by quite a lot of public spaces and individuals. His artworks were also presented at'Uruguayan Contemporary Exhibition'in Shanghai in May 2007, which received warm respond.