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Xu Hongfei


Face the Wind

Ferguson Lane
London, England - june 3: Face the Wind by Xu Hongfei. New outdoor summer exhibition,'Chubby Women', featuring works by Chinese sculptor Xu Hongfei opens in London on the 3rd June in association with the government of Guangzhou. Running until the 16th June, the exhibition sees the renowned Chinese sculptor and current president of the Guangzhou Sculpture Academy, bringing his international travelling exhibition to the capital following exhibitions in Italy, China, Australia and France, at More London, on June 3, 2014, in London, England.
The most representative trait in Xu Hong Fei’s artistic production is his investigation of female figure. Women and their bodies seem to be his favorite subject.
These physical masses, as tangible as their nudity, appear full and fleshy and vigorously hanging on to one another. Their bodies look ancestral and almost mythical in their redundant dimensions.
However, their intense faces look benevolent and motherly, as if they were an emblem of a different and yet graceful sensuality. They get our attention to make us smile at their amused faces and they make us wonder at their misterious, vital agility.
They surprise us with the elegance of their opulent, sinuous curves, they look trapped in massive stone blocks and yet so light. In his message lies the surprising blend of Eastern and Western means of artistic expression.