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Zadok Ben-David


Beyond the Limit, Cheech Monkey

Prominade, Cheech Beach
A humorous reference to a popular political figure (mayor Shlomo of Tel Aviv).
The Promenade was originally built in 1939 as a narrow boardwalk elevated above sea level. In the early 1980s it was rebuilt and named in honor of former mayor Shlomo"Cheech" Lahat who promoted the project. This sculpture pokes fun at the official who led the effort to improve the promenade.
Plopped rather conspicuously into the central meeting point along the Shlomo"Cheech" Lahat beach promenade, the infamous Vagina Sculpture — er, "Beyond the Limit, " by acclaimed Israeli artist Zadok Ben-David — towers over the swarms of half-naked beautiful people at Jerusalem Beach. Perhaps as a soft reminder of why we've all congregated so half-nakedly?