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Menorat Hashalom

Ben Gurion Airport
The Menorah: represents the continuance of the Jewish people more than any other symbol.
Detailed instructions of how to create it can be found in Exodus 25: 31-36. 'And thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold.'
Today the Menorah is the state symbol of Israel - A large menorah stands outside the Knesset in Jerusalem and the Menorah of Salvador Dali at the International Airport of Tel Aviv, known as the Menorat Hashalom, the Peace Menorah, and symbolic reminder of the 50th Anniversary of the State of Israel.
A Letter to The Jewish People From Salvador Dali 'You Jewish people, the chosen ones, sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for your determination to maintain traditions, for the joy you celebrate and sanctjfy your festivities with, I created this 'Menorah' and this 'Wailing Wall. While you pray with your unshakable faith for the glory of your ancestors and for the triumph of truth, I want to see in the radiance of these clear and joyful lights, a great tribute to your people.'