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Siona Shimshi


Shadows Are Memories

Goldstein-Goren Park
The sculpture is about memories controlling our lives, helping to understand the meaning and definition of relation versus time.
Within every group of nameless and ageless passers-by there is always one that"belongs" to us, the one who touches our soul like no one else in that group. The one whose human image accompanies us forever.
The seven stone human profiles, faceless shadow-like figures, in different shades of stones, are 190 cm tall, one of them is painted gold. The golden figure has an inscription:"Michal is always 24 years old."
Additional shadows are the"stone shadows" engraved on the wall behind the figures. One additional stone"human shadow" sits on the garden's boundary wall, in a contemplating stance, with an offering on its lap.
The sculpture is in memory of Michal Lapid-Dorban (1960 - 1984) donated to the city of Tel Aviv by her family.