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Micha Ullman



Rothchild Boulevard
This seldom noticed"sculpture" might suggest that something exists below, or it may mark the location where something was, or be the outline of a future structure, or - it may be the first installation of a series of sculptures that celebrate what can not be seen.
The title of this sculpture is"Yesod" which translates as"Foundation".
If you search on Google for"Yesod Foundation" you get and when you go there you get the following:"Sinced the early 1960s, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (better known as"Reb Zalman") has been experimenting with creating and modeling a renewed Judaism, one that is both rooted in sacred tradition, and yet, living and enriching for us today, attuned to our consciousness and honoring of our own contributions. In so doing, Reb Zalman has profoundly changed the face of Jewish life and practice around the world, though many who have benefited from that change still do not know whom they have to thank.