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Leandro Erlich



IINO Building, Uchisaiwaicho
What is more quiet than a cloud?
Cloud by Leandro Erlich is transparent and seems weightless. It is contrasted with the environment, in contrast with one of the largest cities in the world.
Buildings are standing in the city, they are heavy. They are made of concrete and seem to stay there until eternity. People are walking and driving with high speed. They have ambitions, have an full agenda, have obligations.
You recognize the silence which is evoked by the artwork. And this is exactly what you need in a city like Tokyo.
Cloud is a cloud. This is a realistic artwork or maybe even hype-realistic; this reality is desired by a large number of people.
Cloud by Leandro Erlich is an experience. You only feel silence. You see no redundant colors but white. There is no form. This artwork is at odd with more traditional artworks with color and form.
You wouldn’t say, but Cloud by Leandro Erlich is a radical artwork. It is clear that this is a completely different object than we are used to; this object makes us think about silence and space.
Now I have tought a little longer about this artwork, I recognize more themes like temporality, lightness, peace, freedom. Cloud by Leandro Erlich is a great artwork that gives me more ideas than I can tell in a essay.
By Theo,

Wat is er stiller dan een wolk?
Cloud van Leandro Erlich is doorzichtig en lijkt gewichtsloos. Het staat in contrast met de omgeving, in contrast met één van de grootste steden ter wereld.
In de stad staan gebouwen, zij zijn zwaar. Zij zijn van beton en lijken er te staan voor de eeuwigheid. Er lopen en rijden mensen met een hoge snelheid. Zij hebben ambities, hebben een gevulde agenda, hebben verplichtingen.
Je herkent de stilte die het kunstwerk oproept. En dit is precies wat je nodig hebt in een stad als Tokyo.
Cloud is een wolk. Dit is een realistisch kunstwerk of misschien zelfs hype-realistisch; dit is een realiteit waarnaar een groot aantal mensen verlangt.
Cloud van Leandro Erlich is een ervaringskunstwerk. Je voelt alleen maar stilte. Je ziet geen overtollige kleuren behalve het wit. De vorm leidt niet af. Dit kunstwerk staat haaks op meer traditionele kunstwerken waarin kleur en vorm centraal staan.
Je zou het niet zeggen maar Cloud van Leandro Erlich is een radicaal kunstwerk. Het is iedereen duidelijk dat hier een geheel ander object staat dan wij gewend zijn; dit is een object dat ons doet nadenken over stilte en ruimte.
Nu ik iets langer stil sta bij dit kunstwerk herken ik ook thema’s als tijdelijkheid, lichtheid, rust, vrijheid. Cloud van Leandro Erlich is een geweldig kunstwerk waarover veel meer te zeggen is dan in een essay mogelijk is.
By Theo,
In search of wonder, we look up to the sky. There we find a shifting beauty: the play of light, color, volume and weather. Clouds create the narrative: benign and white, dark and stormy. We map our imaginations onto these aggregates of gas and vapor (look! A dog, a face, a turtle), and we then marvel at their speed, size and intangibility. In airplanes we break through and rise above a field of white.
The Cloud bring the natural world inside, collapsing and expanding the relationship between land and sky. Twelve panes of printed glass together depict a multi-layered cloud. Both a surprise and an extension of the building’s architecture, White Cloud is a reminder of nature’s delicate beauty and its talent for change, inspiring us as we strive to change our impact on the environment.
Global conceptual artist Leandro Erlich wants his audience to do a double take - make that a triple take. An acclaimed master of illusory, large-scale installations, Erlich is currently presenting his largest solo exhibition to date, Seeing and Believing, featuring 40-plus works at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo through April 1, 2018. In this showcase, Erlich fervently questions our sense of reality and the familiar through structured chimera and altered detail. His pieces broadly employ fluid and unpredictable boundaries. By removing the limits we presume, his works destabilize our expectations and implicit certainties. Seeing and Believing canvases Erlich's extensive projects, inviting viewers to perceive and experience a version of reality that exists in spaces between what is visible and what is believed.
AD: Your international career as an artist has spanned more than 25 years. Tell us about the development of your work.
Leandro Erlich: My art has always incorporated a strong sense of intuition. At various points, I have used different life experiences and reflections to inform my work, so each piece has its own narrative and deals with certain themes. When I look at this body work together though, with the pieces side by side, I see that there is cohesion and a transcendence of concepts.
AD: What are the most central themes in your work? Do you primarily focus on questions surrounding perception and representation?
Leandro Erlich: The ideas I think about are often larger than my own intentions, frequently philosophical or existential in nature. The work becomes a vehicle to question or express these views, and hopefully the meaning of the art provides a form of answer.
Buenos Aires-based artist Leandro Erlich’s Single Cloud Collection gives us a surreal taste of what capturing a cloud in glass would look like. Using the artistic method of layering, Erlich’s sculptural pieces are given a three-dimensionality. Each 'captured cloud' is the illusionary result of numerous panes of glass that are individually embellished with acrylics.
As a self-proclaimed 'architect of the uncertain,' Erlich plays with an audience’s visual senses. Time and time again, the artist forces viewers to rethink the way they see things. Like a true magician, he leaves one to question the impossibility of something. What appears to be a three-dimensional anomaly seems to be true based on sensory observation, but, ultimately, is just an illusion.