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Shin Hongo


Women holding a Bird

Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku
The solace and the pain
Great grasping fingers. And chicken-legs that grip the legs of a woman. The wings rest on her shoulders. The head leans on the shoulder.This woman and this bird find support in each other.
But now I also see something else. The woman seems to wear a blindfold. No, now I see that it seems that something is broken. And that there are cracks in her face.
Also something strange with the chicken is going on. Does the animal sleep? Oh, I’m happy that the bird lives. Otherwise the head should have fallen, wouldn’t it?
Woman Bird by Shin Hongo is an indictment of violence. This is clearly done to show the solace and on a more subtle manner to show the pain.
By Theo,

De troost en de pijn
Grote grijpende vingers. En kippenpoten die de benen van een vrouw vast grijpen. Het kopje leunt op de schouder. De vleugels liggen op de armen. Deze vrouw en dit diertje vinden steun bij elkaar.
Maar nu zie ik ook iets anders. De vrouw lijkt een blinddoek te dragen. Nee, nu zie ik dat het lijkt dat iets afgebroken is. En dat er scheuren zijn in haar gezicht.
Ook met de kip is iets geks aan de hand. Slaapt de kip? Oh, gelukkig leeft de vogel. Anders zou het kopje toch gevallen zijn?
Woman Bird van Shin Hongo is zo te zien een aanklacht tegen geweld. Dit is gedaan om duidelijk de troost en op een méér subtiele de pijn te laten zien.
By Theo,
Hongo Shin (1905–1980) is one of the best-known sculptors to come out of Sapporo. There are approximately 80 outdoor sculptures by Shin placed all over Japan.
The Hongo Shin Memorial Museum collection includes 1,800 pieces, including sculptural works, plaster models for outdoor sculptures, and a massive number of sketches. Each energetic finger of the model for Hoyusetsu no mon [snow and ice gate], located inside Wakkanai Park in Wakkanai, appears to have a life of its own. They look as if they are emotional beings screaming in frustration.
1966 (at the age of 60 years) His sculpture"A Women Holding a Bird" was sent to the International Modern Sculpture Exhibition promoted by the Rodin Art Museum in Paris.
The works of Shin Hongo are exhibited permanently along with regularly curated visiting/special exhibits. Cultural and arts related meetings, lectures, and performances reflecting the personality and work of Shin Hongo are regularly scheduled and offered to the public.