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Takamichi Ito


Seven Rotations

Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku
Seven spherical objects set on both sides of the pedestrian bridge heading from JR Osaki Station to Osaki New City.
It is interesting to look at the differences between each of the seven rotating spheres.
Ito's works are referred to as "moving sculptures". Bending mirrored stainless-steel pipes and using motorization, he has created many works which draw gentle curves. His starting point as a sculptor was the display design for the show windows of the Shiseido Kaikan in Tokyo, which he worked on from his early twenties. He says he has created around 100 works in ten years.
"When I decorated the show window with a mobile that danced in the wind, many people stopped to look. That was in the early 1960s, a time when they didn't have interesting things everywhere like they do now; people gathered in front of the window, both adults and children, genuinely enjoying the movements of the mobile. After that, I was invited to try and create works in the art world too, and after participating in an exhibition of outdoor sculptures and winning a prize, I became active not only in design but also in the pure art world.