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Okamoto Katsutoschi



Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)
A main appeal of art has always been its proximity to genius: showing us daring images, new forms, and astounding techniques that more mundane minds could never aspire to. But alongside this, there has also always been art seeking instead to present us with purity, humility and simplicity.
The work of London-based woodblock artist Katsutoshi Yuasa fits into this latter category. Yuasa makes low-key prints that have a delicate, effervescent beauty. Using digital photos from his everyday life, he changes them to monochrome and slowly incises them on a wood board, either preserving the realism of the photo or creating a stylized patchwork that pixelates the original image.
If you look more closely, you can see that this artwork is connected by small pieces of blocks. Although, the shape of each part is imbalanced, it forms a balanced structure.
I don't really know what does the connection means. Does it express human's connection? If so, it looks very complex.
There are 38 pieces of artwork on display at TMG including sculptures and reliefs. These works include pieces from famous Japanese modern artists, famous foreign artists, as well as a section highlighting the work of local residents and up-and-coming artists. Be sure to look for these pieces on your visit to TMG.
Outdoor Outside the 2nd floor of TMG No.1 Building Inside the planter on the Shinjuku - Chuo Park side North side.