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Kiyoumizu Kyubey


Red Shell Form

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)
KIYOMIZU Kyubey (1992-2006) began his artistic career as ceramic artist, but since the middle of the 1960s worked as abstract sculptor. At first he handled brass, and subsequently alminum from the 1970s.
On the one hand his sculptures show modern construction based on conversation with architectural space. But at the same time his works are characterized by curved surface reminiscent of Japanese tradition, which is said to be inspired by roofing tile in Japan and Italy. Thus he realized his peculiar style in which he consructed three-dimensional sculpture by two-dimensional planes.
Mie Prefectural Art Museum held Kiyomizu's retrospective exhibition in 1992 and collected some works. But after his decease on 2006, his sculpture Mask Association I was donated by his bereaved family. On this occasion we would like to present this work with already collected works.
Location: Outdoor Outside the 1st floor of TMG No1 Building by the sidewalk on the Shinjuku - Chuo Park side.