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Pomone Drapée

Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
This statue was sculpted by the artist Aristide Maillol in 1921, and he named it Pomone Drapee, which in English translates to Pomona Dressed, although, as with many of his sculptures, the female form shows through.
And taken from the opposite side, this photo shows the statue depicting Pomona who was the Roman Goddess of Abundance, which comes from the Latin word pomum, meaning fruit, but specifically fruit from trees, and in mythology she was mean to be a wood nymph.
Pomona, or Pomone in French is often depicted with a bowl of fruit or a cornucopia, which is like a horn overflowing with fruit or flowers, yet as you can see from this close up photo, this sculptor has depicted the Roman Goddess holding fruit in each hand.
The famous French sculptor Aristide Maillol was born in Roussillon in the December of 1861, moved to Paris to study art in 1881, but unfortunately he died in a car accident in Banyuls within the Pyrenees in September 1944.