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Monumento a Daniele Manin

Campo Manin
To celebrate worthily the great er Patriot Daniele Manin (Venice, 1804 – Paris 1857), elected to the Venetian resistance symbol of 1848, the town was already in 1866 to build a solemn monument in his honor.
It was announced a competition for choosing the best project, open to Italian and foreign citizens, that honour"by means of a statue on a pedestal with bas-reliefs or other ornamentation, the Grand National standing in his usual costume" first choice fell on Vincenzo Vela (1820-1891), stonemason ticinese, recognized for his commitment of an athlete in the five days of Milan and author of numerous monumentsbut following criticisms he decided to give it up, making the choice on Luigi Borro, academic artist, who was distinguished within the lagoon eclecticism to retrieve a mold lombardesco classicism.