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Monumento a Dante Alighieri

Ruga Vecchia
The statue in white Carrara marble represents Dante Alighieri, standing, Laurel crowned, while your right hand holds the book of the Divine Comedy and near an eagle with its wings move round. Always stand in white marble is a square base and in the Middle shows panes in Verona red marble. On the front facade there is the following inscription: to DANTE ALIGHIERI Italy/L/M-DCCC-LXV. At the corners of the base, above the pedestal, rest four marzocchi, always in white marble, which compare favorably with the paw a shield on which is inscribed the title of the minor works of the poet: DE VULGARI ELOQUENTIA; THE VITA NOVA. IL CONVIVIO; DE MONARCHIA. The base in bardiglio is surrounded by bas-reliefs representing the coats of arms of forty cities. The foot of the monument is in grey sandstone, shaped like the bottom of the base, and is modelled according to the slope of the bleachers overlooking the Basilica.