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Georgy Frangulyan


Dante and Virgil

Between Isola San Michele and Fondementa Nuova
The Barque of Dante is a unique piece of plastic art, showing a combination of contemporary sculpture with features and style of Quattrocento art works. The Barque of Dante has been erected between Venice (Fondomento Nuovo embankment) and island of San Michele during the 52nd Venice Biennale, but later it was decided that the sculpture would remain in Venice forever.
Sculpture is shaped as a boat like gondolas with Dante and his companion Virgil in it. The composition is based on the episode from The Divine Comedy in which Dante and Virgil cross the river Acheron, and the water boils with damned souls. Virgil of bronze shows Dante to the island of San Michele, where the famous venetian cemetery is situated. The remains of our great compatriots Igor Stravinsky, Sergei Dyagilev, Joseph Brodsky lie here.
It is the only statue in the world standing in the water. The boat is set on a slightly submerged pontoon of unique design rocking on the waves.
The Italian experts under direction of G. Frangulyan had been carried out unique operation on installation of a sculpture directly on a water table.
Dante and Virgil ' Baroque of Dante' Sculpture by Russian Artist Georgy Frangulyan. Located in the lagoon between Isola San Michele (The Cemetery Island ) and Fondementa Nuova.