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Amsterdam Light Festival
cares become decoration
Above the water hangs a subtle spray of white leaves.
The white leaves reflect in the water in longer and shorter lines which are closer and further away from each other.
During the day the leaves are white, at night they are illuminated in different colors green, blue a.o.
I'm not allowed to say it, but we are led around the nose by an optical illusion. We all know that there are, in fact, artificial leaves hanging on wires which are lit by artificial light in the evening.
However, the effect isn’t less nevertheless. The white leaves make me lightheaded. In a short time everything is light as a feather. There are no dark but bright clouds. A water garden is an artwork that continuous makes lines.
Flawless by Studio Alex makes me light. I paste my cares on the leaves which move, with thanks to the Flawless, on the breeze. They become decorations that swing, dangle, sway, poise and dance.
By Theo,

zorgen zijn versiering geworden
Boven het water hangt een subtiele nevel van witte bladeren.
De witte bladeren weerspiegelen in het water in langere en kortere lijnen die dichter en verder van elkaar liggen.
Overdag zijn de bladeren wit, ’s avonds zijn ze verlicht in diverse kleuren van groen, blauw e.a.
Ik mag het natuurlijk niet zeggen, maar we worden om de tuin geleid door gezichtsbedrog. We weten allemaal dat er in werkelijkheid kunstmatige bladeren aan koorden hangen die ’s avonds door kunstlicht worden aangelicht.
Maar het effect is er niet minder om. De witte bladeren maken mij licht in het hoofd. Even is alles vederlicht. Er zijn geen donkere maar heldere wolken. Een watertuin is een kunstwerk dat continu lijnen maakt.
Flawless van Studio Alex maakt mij licht. Mijn zorgen plak ik in de bladeren die met dank aan Flawless bewegen op een briesje. Ze zijn versieringen geworden die slingeren, bengelen, deinen, wiegen, dansen.
Door Theo,
As temperature change, autumn turns into winter and elm trees shed their leaves. Flawless encourage to capture the leaves movement and its reflection, inviting to contemplate a natural environment connecting water and wind.
The intervention recalls the passage of time through seasons by transforming the perception of the landscape. The natural process of photosynthesis is essential for greener life in every city. We interpreted this phenomenon with a magic chemistry concept called photoluminescence; During the daytime, the pigments absorb energy from the sunlight, giving them a bright green glowing color at night. In this way the installation is self-sufficient and self-illuminated.
Visitors are attracted by this moving light poetry reflecting upon our relation to nature. Through our fantasy we feel close to our irreplaceable memories, imaginations and identities. Flawless invites us to fantasize, to wander away for moment and enhance connection with time. It evokes a positive message of happiness, an innate longing for a more fundamental relation to the natural world.
The contrast between the glowing structure and the dark environment shows how important light is for human being. It is the brightness of nature that makes a place where the spectator can be surprised and enjoy the landscape with fresh eyes.
Flawless is a site- specific installation based on the Brightness of Nature, inspired by exploring Amsterdam green areas like the 'De Plantage', that I define it as 'Bright Spaces'. As temperature changes autumn turns winter, and Elm trees shed their leaves. Flawless recalls the passage of time through seasons by transforming the perception of the exhibition space.
The installation highlights the natural phenomenon of photosystesis in flora activity, which is essential for life in every city. By considering this natural manifestation as relevant elements and translem into an emotional architectural experience presenting a sublime light reflection of handcrafted and self-sustainable light elements that moves as a poetry around the space. It evokes a positive message of happiness and innate longing for a more fundamental connection to the natural world.
Canal Convergence Water Art Light is a free public art event presented by Scottsdale Public Art at the Scottsdale Waterfront. Each year, Scottsdale Public Art seeks proposals for Canal Convergence that integrate the themes of water, art, and light into engaging, large-scale, temporary public art installations. 'Flawless' successfully activated all of these themes through its physical structure, using both natural sunlight and black light to create a unique luminous experience, and placement over the water on the Marshall Way Bridge, using the water’s reflection to show yet another viewing perspective.
In addition to the three core themes of water, art, and light, Canal Convergence dded a new theme: sustainability. 'FLAWLESS' also embodied this theme thought its narrative, encouraging the appreciation of nature, which can only be preserved for the future through sustainability efforts we make today.
Photoluminescence proc"Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy that can be later released to fuel the organisms' activity."
To interpreted this phenomena as it is metaphorically similar to the magical chemistry concept called pholuminicence, a method to absorb energy from the sun to fuel themselves. During the daytime, the pigments absorb energy from the sunlight giving them a bright green glowing color at night. In this way the installation is self-sufficient and self-illuminated.
Flawless gives us the chance to communicate to a larger audience a message and even involve them into a creative process. New forms of handcrafted lightning as large scale intervention can profoundly transform the aesthetics and ambience of cities around the world. By using light, which is by itself a strong communicative medium as well as storytelling as a vehicle to illustrate a message, inviting the viewer to experience and contemplate a new perception of the landscape.
Technical principle
Resisting the forces of nature such as wind and water; Flawless, takes around two months of preparation starting from the casting, shaping and cutting of the handcrafted leaf elements.
The composition of more than 4000 handmade self- sustaining light leaves are carefully hand constructed and certainly hanging by thin but firm steel threads, high in durability and elasticity.
The threads are suspended in between four grid structures, creating modules; The four module’s structure working together or independently are creating a 3D shape rectangle installation reaching 10 x 5x 2 meters. The installation as a site- specific can be adapted and modulated according to the characteristics of the exhibition space.
In addition, UV/ black lightning will help to give more distinction and accent to the artwork emphasizing a surrounded green reflection.
Site specific light installation. 5m h x 2m w x 8m l. Clear resin, photoluminescent pigments, stainless steel cables, aluminium ferrules.
Gonzalo Bascuñan (Chile), Creative Design Director and Perrine Vichet (France), Space designer, founded Studio AL.EX in 2014 bd in Amsterdam and Milan.
Coming from eclectic and composite backgrounds, exploring different exhibition spaces through light in all its form.
A focus on shaping interventions in the public space. Studio Alex’s projects are characterized by their emotional and minimal aesthetic impact, with the continuous search of a strong storytellin