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Astronaut, Cosmonaut

Wedding Walls
A gigantic weightless astronaut floats above the city in the centre of Berlin. The astronaut is an impressive figure, faceless and oversized, which cannot be overlooked. The work is a classic mural but painted in the style of a huge black stencil, black paint still running and dripping down the wall. It is one of those images black on white which in a simple and effective manner imprints itself in the mind of a passer-by. After one has passed by the astronaut he still lingers on the retina for a while. In this sense Ash’s works are immediate but will stay with you for a while to make you think, to annoy you, or to make you reflect.
Text: Miriam Nielsen
Victor Ash, also known as Ash, is a Copenhagen-based artist originally from Paris, France. Ash primarily works on canvas, lithography, and sometimes installations. He has exhibited regularly in various museums and galleries around the world since the late 1980s.
Ash started his artistic career as a graffiti writer in the early 1980s. From 1983 to 1986 he also called himself Saho and Ash2. He was part of the Parisian graffiti collective BBC or Badbc, and was a contemporary of Bando, Mode2, and JonOne.
In 1989 The French fashion designer Agnès b. invited Ash, JonOne and several other graffiti artists to take part in the exhibition "Les peintres de la ville" at the Galerie du Jour situated in the neighborhood of Beaubourg in Paris. This was the first time Ash was showing his paintings inside a gallery.
Ash's newest pieces are aesthetically very different from the graffiti he was painting in the 80s, and are a departure from the traditional graffiti styles of New York. Ash often uses the themes of contrast between the urban environments and nature and young people's quest for identity in subcultures.
Astronaut / Cosmonaut
Curated by Museum Kunstraum Kreuzberg
and Backjumps 3
22m x 14m
Berlin-Kreuzberg Germany 2007

'Astronaut / Cosmonaut', a wall painting project commissioned by the city of Berlin and Kunstraum Bethanien Museum, Kreuzberg Berlin, Germany.
Exhibition 'Backjumps 3', Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Museum, Berlin, Germany.
Exhibition 'The Emergency Room'. PS1 Museum, New York, USA.