Berlin Art@Site Josef Erben Pyramide

Josef Erben



Kurfürstendamm 46
Careful tension
Pyramid by Josef Erben has got power, tension, selfesteem and spaciousness because of the bow-shaped object. It has a soft surface and makes a careful curve. In this artwork the cables give extra tension to the artwork.

Compared with other artworks
The artwork by Jan de Baat (Amsterdam, see picture 1, more information) gives figurative association and has expressive power. Jan de Baat makes you join the happiness, proud and sense of community, which is feld after the liberation from the Nazi’s.

Skygate by Roger Barr (San Francisco, picture 2, more information) is a honest artwork which shows it's imperfection and insecurity.

The work Lusvorming Object by Otto Heuvelink (Amsterdam, see picture 3, more information) is hardly comparable to this artwork.

The Arch of Lon Pennock (Lusvormig Object, Amsterdam, picture 4, more information) gives a welcome and is a recognition point.
By Theo,