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Treptower Park
The ugly cyclope Meeresgrund by Otto Petri looks fascinated at an attractive sleeping woman. This is not a good work of art, but the simple natural material evoke a primal force and sensuality.
By Theo,

Compared with other works
These ugly giant Öffentliche Rose by Rolf Szymanski (Munich, picture 1, more information) shows himself as he is. If you look closely, a rose might become visible. Don’t you think that fading flowers are aesthetically? Vulnerable, rich in color, after years familiar with the house on the backside. Besides, this artwork is surrounded by ancient trees and mansions.

The artwork William by Rebecca Warren (London, picture 2, more information) is touching for its ugliness. Because of the lack of humor, eloquence or aesthetic value it’s hard to be positive about the artwork.

Willem de Kooning created with Reclining Figure (Rotterdam, picture 3, more information) an artwork that is attractive, three-dimensional, raises many associations by the experienced viewer. This is a good piece of art that fits in a city where functionality and sobriety is important, yet whith an alternative subculture within the artistic scene.

Jonathan Meese does with Humpy Dumpy (Berlin, picture 4, more information) no effort to create a"beautiful" artwork but is convincing critical on the transience and futility of power and violence.
By Theo,
Ein Fabelwesen mit Schwanzflosse und Glupschaugen, wohl ein Nöck, schaut über eine Steinbrüstung gebeugt auf eine vor der Mauer hingestreckt liegende nackte junge Frau, die, das Gesicht vom Nöck abgewendet, schlummert (oder ist sie bewusstlos?). Das lange Haar trägt sie offen.
Umgeben von kleinen aus dem Wasser ragenden Findlingen ist eine in etwa rechteckige Felsenplinthe auf einen vom Wasser verdeckten Unterbau gesetzt. Die Plinthe mit bewegter Naturoberfläche trägt eine Zweifigurengruppe.
A mythical creature with a tail fin and bulging eyes, probably a Nock, is leaning over a stone parapet and looking at a naked young woman lying stretched out in front of the wall, who is slumbering with her face turned away from the Nock (or is she unconscious?). She wears her long hair open.
Surrounded by small boulders protruding from the water, an approximately rectangular rock plinth is placed on a substructure covered by the water. The plinth with its moving natural surface bears a group of two figures.
Text: Susanne Kähler.