Berlin Art@Site Rüdiger, Jan Skuin Roehl Steckenpferd träumt mit dem Regenbogen

Roehl Rüdiger, Jan Skuin


Steckenpferd träumt mit dem Regenbogen

Havemannstrasse 22
Compared with other artworks
The artwork Steckenpferd träumt mit dem Regenbogen by Ruediger Jan Roehl is clearly readable and a joke altogether, compared to Vlindermolen by Herman Makkink (Amsterdam, picture 1, more information).

The artwork Bird of Paradise by Dina Merhav (Shanghai, picture 2, more information) is, like the Butterfly Mill a special landmark: large and flighty meanings.

The work Klingende Blume Achim Kühn (Berlin, figure 3, more information) is an common example of a kindly gesture of welcome; big and then either sympathetic or serious.

The artwork Seventy Two Silent propagations by Youngho Kim (Shanghai, picture 4, more information) is just like the Butterfly Mill an exceptional work: funny and puzzling.
By Theo,