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Sean Henry


Standing Figures

Canary Wharf
In their hyper-realism, these figures could be mistaken for real people. It is only when you move closer, and their slightly larger than life scale can be truly appreciated, that this illusion is shattered. Henry s figures occupy space in a unique way, firstly we can consider the Man and Woman s relationship to one another, and secondly, we consider our own bodies in relation to the figures and the space around us.
Henry describes the theme of his work as the tension between the making and staging of figures that seem to belong to the real world, and the degree to which they echo our experiences and sympathies . Art historian Tom Flynn has said "through vigorously expressive modelling Henry imbues his figures with a powerful psychological presence, the theme of life and death a constant subtext".
Henry s work is highly realistic and essentially modern in its choice of subject matter, colour and materials. His figures often anonymous men and women - have an emphatic physicality which allows room for the viewer to draw their own interpretations, while deliberate changes to scale and colour imbue his figures with a powerful interiority and 'presence'.
Sean Henry (born 1965, Woking, Surrey[1]) is a British sculptor, based in Hampshire, England. His work includes private and public installations in many locations across Europe and the USA. Fusing the disciplines of ceramics with those of sculpture to create a fresh, innovative approach to representing the human figure, Henry's painted figures have helped to revive the long tradition of polychrome sculpture.