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Jonathan Borofsky


Molecule Man

Federal Building. Roybal Building
Strongly in contact
Three male figures meet each other. In the athletic figures you can see small openings arranged in a regular pattern. The men are slightly different: one is standing little more straight, another has the hind leg slightly stretched and the third holds his front leg a little higher. The men are having fun; they have opened their mouths. The artwork raises a few questions: why is it called molecule-man? What would be expressed with the openings in the profile? Why are these three men indicates by the title as only one man?
The shiny steel evokes the feeling of perfection. The statue is large; 10 meters or even 15 meters high. Why is the artwork standing in the water? Would the reflection of the figures in the water maybe important?
In Los Angeles the artwork is standing near a street and in front of an office. In a location like this, an artwork need to share attention with the surroundings.
A larger copy this artwork is also standing near the center of Berlin (more information), on the edge of the wide river Spree, which flows through the heart of the city. The artwork is so large and near the center of Berlin, so the Berliners will appreciate the artwork.
The image is optimistic and an ode to modern mankind. The men make close contact with each other, they are moving strong and they are having fun.