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Guy Ferrer



Monnaie de Paris
T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E Exhibition by the sculptor and painter Guy Ferrer
From 20 June to 20 September 2015 on the Prado of the Cite Medievale
"T.O.L.e.R.A.N.C.E" is a monumental sculpture comprised of nine bronze letters, each one representing both a letter of the word"tolerance" and a figure conjuring up a cult or a different spirituality.
A limited edition of a series of 8, they are numbered from 1/8 to 8/8. Each bronze is 2m to 2.50m high. An artistic message on the challenge with which man is currently confronted.
The sculpture was made in 2004, as a reaction to the worrying increase in religious tensions, the threat of a new clash of religions, the source of growing chaos.
"A word become intelligible thanks to all its letters, each one of equal importance to its meaning. Similarly, the various cultures and beliefs in our societies can live side-by-side in a spirit of comradeship and complement each other, with reciprocal respect and a little benevolence.
Mysterious and serious, my emissaries are inviting you to meet them, to respect their differences and the beliefs they suggest. Together on the same site, they talk of meeting and harmony, of peaceful complementarity.
Even though all human beings have in common the spiritual quest inherent in our nature since it is based on awareness of our precariousness, we permanently see the publicised demonstration of oppositions and combats in the name of religions. From day to day, this situation becomes stigmatised, and this observation is intensified by a sense of urgency.
Nevertheless, the mosaic of beliefs and peoples is what makes the world... By means of this sculpture, I wanted to highlight the resemblance to the quest, whatever it may be and whatever"god" it is addressed to.
It is this resemblance and this convergence that should be shown, instead of divergences brought about by vain speculations or foolish fundamentalist statements with regard to the divine, ambiguous by nature and therefore questionable.
Each of the letters, by its particular graphic style, calls to mind one of the world's beliefs. But the interpretations are voluntarily left open to everyone's imagination...".
Guy Ferrer