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Denis Foyatier



Jardin des Tuileries
Foyatier was the child of a family of modest means (his father was a weaver and later a farmer at Bezin, a hamlet near Bussieres, Loire). He started by working on religious figures, while taking a design course at Lyon. In 1817, he entered the ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts ("National Higher School for Arts and Crafts") in Paris. In 1819 he exhibited his first pieces and, aged 26, was awarded a scholarship for the French Academy in Rome at the Villa Medicis.
At the Villa Medicis he created the mould for his piece Spartacus, which is very well known. A Royal Command of 1828 for a production in marble made him famous.
After a brilliant career as a sculptor and painter, he died on 19 November 1863 and is buried in the Petit-Clamart cemetery in a suburb of Paris.
Some of Foyatier's works have been lost; several were melted down during the Second World War. He was the father of the sculptor Jules Blanchard.