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Rachid Khimoune


Eve the German

Parc de Bercy
21 statues in Park Bercy make up Les Enfants du Monde, or Children of the World statues in Paris, and this particular one was named Eve the German, by the French artist Rachid Khimoune, which is designed to represent the country of Germany.
I found one of my favourite ‘lesser-known’ sights in Paris at Parc Bercy, a quiet park in Paris East in the 12th arrondissment. It’s a series of bronze sculptures called Les Enfants du Monde (The children of the world), created by French sculptor Rachid Khimoune in 2001. This multicultural crowd of melted and reworked metal represents 21 different countries, standing peacefully in a long line in the upper terrace of Parc Bercy. Each character comes to life with the very metal of the city streets; the textures, colours and insignia of manhole covers is integrated into each personality.
This fashionable figure with the manhole cover necklace, gas utility belt buckle and astonished, fish-like expression is Eve l'Allemande (Eve the German).